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Dado Valentic

Dado Valentic is an award winning master colourist with over 17 years of industry experience. Working on some of the biggest feature films , TV series and commercials across the world, he is one of the most sought after colourists working today.

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Xiaoyu Hugh Hou

Xiaoyu Hugh Hou, co-founder of CreatorUp, a global digital storytelling academy, is a 360 videographer specializing in 180° & 360° VR content production/education. He teaches VR filmmaking and Post-Production on one of the largest 180/360 VR educational YouTube channels.

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Here's what our learners have to say about our training...

“I have been following Dado’s work/interviews/podcasts for a while now and when I saw they had a course in London I instantly booked it!

I have always been apprehensive booking short courses because I always think “am I getting my money’s worth” and after watching Dado explain his methods and workflow I was like Yep, money definitely well spent!

For me it was a big learning curve as an up and coming Colourist because too many times we get too involved in the technical side of things instead of the creative. It was great to see his decision-making process which has now allowed me to evaluate images in better detail.

I HIGHLY recommend this class and would do it again in a heartbeat if I could!"

Nigel Tadyanehondo // Freelance Assistant Colourist

"Dado's courses distinguish themselves by his holistic approach to teaching that goes far beyond just pressing the buttons. He makes you think! Scary, exciting and a total delight."

Klaudija Cermak // VFX Artist

"Hi Dado, If they gave oscars for teaching you would have already won ten of them, it's a special talent you have (like Robin Williams in the Dead Poets Society)... and I will never look at a chicken's legs the same way again! Take care man and good luck with all your projects."

Jamie Curtis // Filmmaker // Photohrapher

"With the knowledge we've gained from the courses we have been able to install a 4K capable Resolve grading suite in our studio and we've managed to push colour to a whole new level in our films."

Will Roberts // Orillo Productions // York

"There are plenty of possibilities and techniques in color correction. The biggest difference between Dado's way of teaching and others is that he teaches us a real way to work by giving a practical approach with plenty of examples and that makes all the difference. Thanks for everything Dado!"

Jennifer Mendes // Loudness Films

"Still learning something new after already being a colourist for a long time from Dado, who is a great teacher and mentor. Vielen herzlichen Dank!"

Thomas Maier // Colourist //

"Learning DaVinci Resolve from Master colorist Dado Valentic was an amazing experience. It was like learning Kung-fu from a Shaolin monk the way he incorporate's stories and color grading together. Because ultimately that's how it should be, Color and Stories."

Juliano Angeliano // Executive Producer of Short Films // Miami

"Attending your course was definitely a step forward in my role as colorist. In addition, as a director & cinematographer this course has given me a much more comprehensive view of workflow, and tools that help me to streamline my shootings."

Ivan Garriga // Filmmaker // Barcelona

"I was extremely pleased to find in Dado a great professional and an amazing teacher with so much experience. He had answers to any questions, had patience and a great sense of humor. On top of everything, he seems very much in love with his job and I consider this to be his greatest attribute. The classes are well conceived, efficient and organized. ColourTrainingis a great place to start the color grading road or to develop into a better colorist”

Andu Radu // Film Editor // Romania

"I was able to put the skills and knowledge you gave me into practice on the very next job, using both the little shortcuts and tricks you gave us and, more importantly, applying the broader principles of colour science that I'll be able to use and build upon for a long time to come."

Alex Parkinson // DIT

"By the end of the Colour managed Workflow course I felt I could do much of the basic grading with a proper understanding of what was behind it."

Mike Cunliffe // Director


Colour Training train colourists in the art and science of colour manipulation; not simply how to use and operate grading software, but how to understand colour science and develop their own styles.

By combining online courses and classroom-based education, and incorporating our own industry-leading bespoke software plug-ins, we increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your grading and bring you up-to-date with the latest colour-managed workflows.


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