This course is designed for anyone interested entering the world of Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 video production. This two day course is combining theoretical learning with practical 360 filmmaking. It covers everything from basic concept to post-production techniques and final mastering. It is packed with advice, best practices and tips that will help you understand unique strengths of this medium as well as its limitations.
For the new generation of immersive storytelling filmmaker, 360 video has become an indispensable tool and in this course, you will learn necessary skills that will set you on the path of becoming a master it.

Course Curriculum

360 Video v.s. VR – Empathy v.s. Agency
Current state 360 Video Technology overview
Monoscopic vs Stereoscopic 360 3DOF vs 6DOF
Google VR180
VR Viewing – VR Headsets OR location based entertainment / Dome Theater
Framing, Camera Positions
Increase production value
POV and cuts with examples
Camera Movements, Orientations and Stabilization
Consumer / Mono camera
Stereo 360 Camera
Low-light capture
Underwater & Aerial 360
360 Broadcast and Livestream
Hiding of Crew and Equipment
Plate shoots for clean up shots
Lighting and practicals
Spatial Audio
4K v.s. 8K
8K Capture
Edit (Proxy workflow)
Effects (VR common tasks)
Render & Playback
Practical exercise: 360 video shoot
Workflow overview and best practices
Equipment Specification, Software and Useful tools
360 video editing
Sound syncing
Object removal
Titles and graphics
Colour Grading
Mastering for Youtube and Facebook

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